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Who Wants to See Aubrey Plaza Do the 'Doggy Chow and Champagne' Scene from 'Showgirls'? Everybody in the World, That's Who

Just in case you're not aware of what Aubrey Plaza and Sarah Ramos are doing or think there couldn't possibly have ever been a movie scene written this badly, allow me to enlighten you. Behold, Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Berkeley in what is either the greatest bad film or the worst great film ever made. 


Perfect. Shot for shot. Line for line. Sneering, purring, scene chewing overacting for sneering, purring, scene chewing overacting. And as much as I'm a big Gina Gershon guy, Audrey is even more appealing. 

This is further proof - in case you needed it - that Plaza has what an old buddy of mine termed "The X-Factor." He coined the term to explain that indefinable quality, that abstract personality trait that will turn a 7 into a 9. Charm, humor, intelligence, even a look in the eye. But there is just something about them. And you know it when you see it. She brought that quality to April Ludgate, and it's only gotten stronger with time. 

I don't know about you, but my heart wants to get through this quarantine by watching more clips of these two acting out the worst scenes from the best terrible movies. And if the worst should happen to me, at least I'll check out happy.