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Should The Clippers Forfeit Their Next Home Game?




So the biggest story in the NBA right now has nothing to do with anything on the court. As KFC blogged this morning the Clippers owner Donald Sterling has highjacked the playoffs after TMZ released a recording of him telling his half Asian Half Black smokeshow girlfriend that he hates black people and she needs to stop posting pictures with them and bringing them to games. That includes you Magic!

My first thought was what are the Clippers going to do? I mean how can any man show up and play basketball for a guy who hates them because of the color of the skin? I honestly didn’t think it was outside the realm of possibility for the Clippers to forfeit their next home. Yeah I know that sounds insane, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. That would be more memorable and lasting than anything they can accomplish on the court this year. These guys are all rich anyway. It’s not like getting fined one game would hurt them that much and they’d be lauded as heroes from coast to coast.

However the more I read about Donald Sterling the more I realized that voicemail shouldn’t be that surprising. Apparently I’ve been living in a cave or something with this guy because he has a long and storied history of being a racist and the worst owner in sports. So my question is how is he still allowed to own a team? And why would guys like Doc Rivers go willingly coach for him? That’s almost as shocking as the comments. Like Doc had to know what type of guy this guy was before he went to LA right? I mean it’s kind of tough to be offended when the noted racist guy says or does something racist. That’s what racists do. They say racist shit.

Anyway back to my original point. Clearly the NBA isn’t going to make Donald Sterling sell the Clippers over this. If they really cared about him being an overt racist they would have forced him to sell years ago. It’s a good old boy network. The rich white dudes protect the other rich white dudes  Same reason Clippers fan #1 Bill Simmons and ESPN hasn’t even mentioned this story yet.  They are protecting their own.  That’s why I think the Clippers have to boycott their next homegame. What is the alternative? You go win a NBA title and watch the guy who considers you a slave drink and get fatter and richer because of you? No thanks. I couldn’t stomach it and I don’t know how any man with any dignity could either. At some point you got to be a man and make man decisions.   This is one of those times.   If you don’t you have nobody to blame but yourself next time he says shit like this.


PS – If I owned the Clippers I wouldn’t want my girlfriend taking pictures with Magic either. Not because he’s black but because the Lakers have cuckholded me for the past century. That would make my stomach turn. If Sterling played his cards right he could have spun it that way instead of the whole I hate black people angle.

Double PS – For as awful a human as Donald Sterling is his “you can fuck black dudes just don’t bring them to games and take pictures with them” policy is fairly lenient. I mean I could live with that rule.   Being allowed to fuck chicks as long as I don’t go to Sox games with them and post pictures on Instagram.  I could live with that.