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Tom Brady and Danny Amendola Just Getting Their Rocky Apollo Creed On At the Beach



Hearts on fire…pure desire!  No seriously though this is the least inspiring beach workout video I’ve ever seen in my life.   This literally reminds me Rocky III when Rocky is all full of himself not taking his workouts seriously and Clubber Lang is in a dungeon blaring Eye of the Tiger.  My confidence is shook.

Sidenote - I have no idea if that’s Amendola.





PS – By far the weirdest thing Barstool has ever done is me and Big Cat trying to re-enact the Rocky beach scene in California.  It didn’t get nearly the hype it deserved.    Shit should have won a razzy. The best (or worst) part about it was we spent hours working on it and were dead serious trying to make it look real.   Like this honest to god this was our best effort.  A young Handsome Hank barking out orders on how to make it realistic.  Big Cat and Hank almost coming to blows on artistic vision.   Wild times.


[kaltura-video id=579]