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Drew Brees Skips Out On MNF, Will Join NBC Sports


Another swing, another miss for the Monday Night Football broadcast booth. 

It was reported on Friday that Drew Brees will turn down ESPN's offer to join their booth once his playing career is over and instead will sign with NBC Sports. 

The report says that Brees is "being groomed to replace Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football".

At this point ESPN has to just be considering a rotating booth? No announcers at all?

Romo - nope. 

Manning - nope. 

Brees - nope. 

I guess next is Eli Manning? 

Gruden really screwed them when he left for the Raiders. It was over after that. 

Right now that establishment is in the SNL 2013-2014 era when they didn't really know what they were going to do and were just treading water until they could finally land another good cast. 

Luckily for them no one watches their broadcast anyways because we don't want to see the Dolphins take on the Broncos in an important 3-6 head-to-head battle.