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Not Wearing A Mask On The SEPTA Bus? Hope You Like Getting Tossed Out Of The Club By Philly Police

The thing about SEPTA is that it is so goddamn unsanitary in the first place. You want to get around in the city without having to take out a loan for Uber charges all month? Hope you enjoy sitting in a pool of piss and maybe accidentally catching a used needle in your leg. So in the midst of a global pandemic where the experts are expecting Philly to be the next coronavirus hotspot...well maybe making sure everybody is at least wearing something over their face seems like an appropriate response. 

But then again, we've got full blown pick up games still going down in the city so I guess it's taking folks a little longer to figure out that we're going to be completely fucked for months if we don't stop acting like everything is normal. 

At least we see a few masks being worn in this picture, though. So there's a start. 

But yeah. If we need 10 cops to pull one guy off the bus for not wearing a mask to make sure that we get to start the Eagles season on time and be out tailgating in K Lot for week 1, then I'm all for it. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is bigger than the whole city getting absolutely shitfaced in the parking lot by 10am on week 1 Sunday. At least pretend to have a mask. Rip a sleeve off one of your shirts and wear that for all I care. Just don't screw up this Birds season. That's all we're asking. 

P.S. - Necessary reblog for job security purposes.