Milton Dave Is BACK And I'm Feeling The Heat


We all smelled it in the air. You know how the air smells differently when the leaves are changing? That's what's happening right now. We're all trapped inside. The stock market is closed. And Dave is out for blood.

Now, I've felt the wrath of Dave many a times. Sometimes deserved, sometimes to get a rise out of me, and other times somewhere in between. But I don't think anyone has felt the wrath of Quarantine Dave. This could be a whole new animal. Like, he's sat inside opening thousands of boxes, collecting amoebas and who knows what into his body. Thumbs cut open, specks of cardboard and bubble wrap infiltrating his blood stream in high volumes. We very well could have a Spiderman situation on our hands right now. But like, the opposite. Nobody is safe. Especially me.

For some background, I was going up to my roof every day at 2pm for fresh air. I read that sunshine and fresh air is good for you when trapped inside during a quarantine. I find that important. We were also told that during quarantine we should make as much content as possible. So voila, why not get fresh air while streaming it? Obviously I'm not getting thousands of people watching, but it's a nice way to interact, speak out loud, and engage. It's nice. It's enjoyable. And those people who have watched it seem to like it as well.

Milton Dave will fire you up to do more though. I get it. People at this company are sleeping. I'm a top 5 blogger this week, last week, month, last month, and year. I'm trying to do more with my Periscope, podcast, blogging at 2am, writing on every weekend. I was streaming poker and the lawyers shut me down. That would have been huge and the lawyers straight up shut down my stream. So back to square one with that. It is what it is though. I'll just have to do more. 

So it looks like Roof Talk is done? If the boss doesn't want it, I won't do it. Simple as that.

Blog done. Time to do another.