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A Grown Man Ate A Poop Sandwich On Instagram Live Last Night For A Verse From Trippie Redd

This is one of the most appalling, horrific, grotesque, disgusting, vile things I've ever seen a human being do. This is a grown man eating a literal POOP sandwich in front a virtual audience of 47,000 people in order for Trippie Redd to give him a feature on a song. 

I have a few questions. Is that his own shit? Is it dog or cat shit? Why is he bleeding all over his face? What happened in his life that led him to this spot? In this poor bastards head this was his Eminem at the shelter moment. Except he isn't rap battling his enemy on a stage in the city he's from. In his mind his whole life is in front of him as long as he can conquer his demons and eat this shit sandwich on IG Live for a rapper that isn't even of legal drinking age (Trippie Redd is 20 years old). I wonder if the bread helped him put it down easier. Regardless his dedication is in another stratosphere, but I could never bring myself to listen to a man's music who purposely ate a shit sandwich. I just can't. A mans gotta have some kind of moral compass. Eating a shit sandwich crosses the line for me, pal. He's cancelled before he even got the chance to be a thing (he never had a chance). Damn shame. Also gonna be pretty hilarious when he's sending Trippie Redd DMs seven times a day begging for this verse that Trippie never even remotely had the intentions of recording for him. You live and you learn.