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The Seahawks Are Mad They They're Getting Tested For Steroids Because It's Such A Distraction






Oh noooo! You poor, poor babies! The NFL gave you a little prick in the arm? That must be a horrible distraction. Far worse than a two week long witch hunt where you’re constantly bombarded by the media, must hold numerous press conferences and your entire legacy is called into question. That’s easy as pie compared to giving a little blood. And why should Seahawks guys even be getting tested? It’s not like they have a history of cheating. It’s not like they lead the league in PED suspensions since Pete Carroll came to town. There’s absolutely no reason to suspect them of foul play. So, NFL, please focus all your attention on talking about deflated footballs and creating new rules for ineligible receivers and stop treating these poor, innocent Seahawks like criminals. Just let them focus on preparing for the Super Bowl.