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The NFL Created A Brand New Signal So The Refs Can Tell The Seahawks Which Patriots Players Are Ineligible


(Source)Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says the referees will use hand signals to indicate clearly when normally eligible receivers check in the game as ineligible, a technique the Patriots have used heavily in the postseason. Carroll said he talked to NFL officials about the practice, which is particularly confusing for defenders when an eligible receiver reports as ineligible to catch a pass. Carroll said the referess in the Super Bowl will have new hand signals to clarify players’ eligibilty. When a player reports in as a different status, the number will be announced and referees will point to the player with two hands. If the player is normally eligible to catch a pass, but has reported as ineligible, the referees will lean down and make an X with their hands. Although Carroll said the signals were new, league officials said referees have been using the signals, including in the AFC Championship game.





What? What?! WHAT?!?! You can’t just create new fucking rules the week before the Super Bowl. Are you fucking kidding me?! That’s BULLSHIT. I don’t even recognize this game as football anymore. I’m flabbergasted. The Patriots utilize a formation that is well within the rules but it’s too confusing for simpleton coaches so now we have to alter the rules one week before the Super Bowl? Incredible. If Brady comes out on fire are they going to outlaw the forward pass at halftime? It’s a legal play. You can’t just change that on the fly and offer the refs time to draw up the exact play for the defense. The ineligible players are already announced over the sound system. Now we’ve got refs pointing to them and making a gigantic X with their hands. What’s next, the ref taps him on the head and makes him sit indian style for the duration of the play? Absolutely fucking pathetic. Goodell’s going to make the Patriots win the Super Bowl with a brand new rule and a hand tied behind their back. Integrity of the game my dick.