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Most Important Livestream Ever: At 2:30 Eastern, Come Watch The DVD Screensaver Screen With Us Until The Logo Bounces Off The Corner

We are going live here on the Pardon My Take Twitch at 2:30 eastern to watch the DVD logo until it hits on the corner. Anyone whose ever owned a DVD player has stared at the screen hoping it will hit the corner, a phenomenon that was captured and brought into the mainstream in a legendary cold open form The Office. We will be doing it live, and I will be taking a drop of pink whitney every time it bounces without hitting the corner.

Examples of prevous livestreams that once seemed important:

-1936 olympics: (Berlin, Germany)

-Moon landing: (Soundstage, Nevada Desert)

-The Unboxenings:

All those pale in comparison to watching and livebetting on the DVD screensaver bounces. This is the final boss of quarentine and we will conquer it together. I honestly have no idea what the over under should be in terms of number of bounces til we get a corner so I'm going to randomly set it at 170. Place your bets now.