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California Teens Arrested After Using Stolen Credit Cards To Rent a $240,000 McLaren and a 12 Million Dollar Vacation Home

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SFG – Sonoma County deputies are seeking more details Saturday about how a pair of teenagers were able to use an allegedly stolen credit card to rent a $240,000 sports car and $12 million vacation home, police said. Mohannad Halaweh of Rohnert Park, and Nhimia Kahsay of Santa Rosa, both 19, were pulled over by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy Wednesday evening in Roseland, with Halaweh behind the wheel of an orange McLaren sports car. The car had apparently been rented for $13,000 by the duo but was reported stolen to police, according to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Raasch. The car was pulled over on Dutton Avenue in the Roseland area, and the two teens were taken into custody without incident, he said. An investigation revealed that the pair had a fraudulently obtained credit card, which they used to book the stolen sports car and pay $27,000 to rent a $12 million property in Glen Ellen earlier in the week. Halaweh was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property and credit card fraud; his bail was set at $100,000. Kahsay was arrested on outstanding fraud warrants and is expected to face additional charges in connection with the most recent incident, Raasch said. His bail was set at $60,000.

Subtle, guys. Very subtle. I guess there’s two trains of thought here: 1) If you’re gonna steal credit cards, you just use them for small things so you don’t get caught but still aren’t paying for shit. And then 2) you go fucking balls to the wall. If you’re going to use stolen credit cards, you use the fuck out of the stolen credit cards. Go big or go home, and they went impressively big. Living the dream life. The nuts it takes to stroll in and rent a $240,000 car is impressive. Even dumber might be the person who rented it to these dopes, but if they got it done, they got it done. Can’t knock that. But back to the previous point I just made, how does that happen? They don’t check ID when you rent a $240,000 car? They don’t ask for ID when you rent a $12 million house? Were these guys popping out fake IDs too? Cause then I’d really be impressed. That’s commitment to the job.