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Kim Kardashian Being FED UP With Her Kids During Quarantine Makes Me Feel Better

The obvious angle on this is, "Oh wahhhhhhhhhh Kim you don't wanna spend time with your kids! Maybe you should've thought of that before you had them!" but that's kinda the point she's alluding to. Kim K would never say it but nobody saw the coronavirus coming so nobody saw a scenario where you'd be stuck in the house spending every waking minute with your kids. If she had seen that scenario coming down the pipe, maybe she wouldn't have had so many kids. It's a dark thought but it's also the truth. Kim K just wants to go back to the time where her kids were outta the house doing whatever with the nanny and she could do her make up tutorials in peace.

I say all of that to get to my real point, do people without kids understand how lucky we are to be going through this quarantine without kids? It's soooooooooooooo much better. I was texting with a buddy from home recently who has kids and he was like, "Listen I love my family but the fact that you get to be completely alone during all of this makes me INCREDIBLY jealous." And he should be jealous, it's FANTASTIC. Obviously the world going to shit because of a deadly virus is not fantastic whatsoever, it's horrific actually, but we do find ourselves in this situation where we have to be inside 24/7 and that situation is unquestionably better without children. People can lie to you and say, "Oh I'm loving all this extra time I get to spend with with my kids! I'm getting to know them so much better!" but it's not true. And even if it is, how long will that last before the honeymoon is over? It's probably already over, if it ever existed at all.

I sent a text the other day that said, "I'm single and childless so I just kinda lay around my apartment." Send that text at any other time and your friends think you're depressed and they worry about you, but now? Now the response I got back from that person was, "I WISH I WERE YOU".