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Watch the Full Recap of the Smitty vs. Big T "Protest" Game

So we finally have the full video of what happened during the infamous protest game between Smitty and myself on MLB The Show.

I have to hand it to Smitty, he knows how to push buttons. He does it so well that even when you're dealing with him and you know exactly what he's trying to do, he'll still get you — and on this night, he got me riled up. Luckily we now have the full video to further bring the swift justice from the court of public opinion in my favor, because any rational person can see I not only won the game fair and square, I even offered him a way out when he was already losing. That's what real men of integrity do.

But Smitty chose not to take that way out and finish up his losing effort before pulling some childish stuff and making us sit there for the better part of two hours before doing whatever witchcraft he did to make the game lag out. And again, I guess I need to commend him on his effort, because the man knows how to put on a show. I still don't know what he did to lag the game out.

But at the end of the day, anyone can see who the true winner both on and off the field was then and forever shall be. I run mental laps around this guy. He just keeps screaming, "Communist," because that's all his tiny brain can come up with.

I look forward to more battles with The General in the future as this rivalry wages on.