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How Is This "LeGarrette Blount Forced His Way Out Of Pittsburgh Because Belichick Wanted Him To" Storyline Becoming A Thing?

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(Source)Tired of Deflategate? Luckily, there are no shortage of conspiracy theories when it comes to the New England Patriots. While the NFL investigates whether the team that brought America Spygate may have underinflated footballs used in the AFC championship game, there’s fresh fodder with Super Bowl XLIX just days away. This time, the whispers and chin-scratching surrounds the fortuitous string of events that brought running back LeGarrette Blount back to the team. After spending the 2013 season with New England, Blount signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a free agent, but his relationship with the team rapidly deteriorated. The question that’s fueling the conspiracy fires is whether he exacerbated the situation, knowing that if he were released, the Patriots would pick him up. Blount and Le’Veon Bell were arrested on marijuana-related charges, then, with Bell rising to the role of No. 1 running back, Blount became increasingly disgruntled and walked off the field before the end of a game Nov. 17. Not long after, the Steelers cut him and he was signed that very week by the Patriots, for whom he was a known commodity. In 11 games with Pittsburgh, he rushed for 266 yards on 65 carries; in five games in New England, he rushed for 281 yards on 60 carries. Still, with everyone scrutinizing every move the Patriots make, this one is under the microscope now. Blount and the Patriots say there was nothing untoward.




This is one of those stories that starts in a fan chat forum then someone with a brain reads it and realizes Nope, that’s ridiculous. That’s why I’ve ignored it for the last day or so, because it’s asinine. But now that it reached the fucking Washington Post (always thought they were supposed to be above writing about preposterous conspiracies for clicks. You know, being a major publication and all) I guess we have to address it. LeGarette Blount had to clear waivers. That should end any discussion of this immediately. After the Steelers cut him 30 teams besides the Patriots had to say “No thank you.” It’s impossible for Belichick to have a hand in that unless he flew around the country, picking up GMs phones and using fake voices to turn down LeGarrette. Maybe you believe that, after all Belichick’s tactics have started sounding like “The Ghost” from The Patriot. “Hey was in three places at once, sir.” But anyone who lives in reality should immediately disregard this silly attempt at a conspiracy because it’s moronic.