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Seahawks Fans Are Already Getting Their Super Bowl Champion Tattoos

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.50.01 PM

That a Navigator, bro? Are those even still in production or are you a drug dealer in 1996?









Worst fans in sports. I truly believe that. Seahawks fans, ahem, “the 12s,” are like the loser table in high school. They’re all hanging out together because they’re a bunch of fucking dorks who just want to be a part of something. They wear their 12 jerseys, wave their 12 flags, cheer as loud as possible in a stadium designed to contain crowd noise, and get stupid fucking tattoos just because they’re from the pacific northwest and have never been anything but an afterthought to everyone. They don’t care about this football team. If their was a cricket match or a circus taking place on the field at CenturyLink they’d still do their whole schtick. They just want to be noticed and to think they matter, it has absolutely nothing to do with football. Official: worst fans in sports.




PS – Shocking that they’re done by poor idiots. What are those fucking prison tattoos? Terrible quality. Wouldn’t shock me if they were done with mechanical pencils and some melted plastic, you fucking morons.