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I'm ALL IN On UK's Newest Guard - Creighton Transfer Davion Mintz - After Finding Out He's The Biggest Superstitious Weirdo In The World

Listen I don't question one bit why Davion Mintz would transfer to Kentucky. Who wouldn't transfer there? Just the smartest move anyone in college basketball could make. But what if Cal offered him at 10:18? Would he question the decision making and go elsewhere? I need to know this just to see how superstitious this weirdo is. 

All I know is this is what I needed to know about Mintz. I didn't need to watch nearly every Creighton game for the 3 years he was there to know that he's a decent shooter, decent defender, took a dip in 2018-19 in terms of turnover rate but a steady ball handler. I just needed this info. There's zero chance this dude doesn't turn into a star without being a weirdo. What's Dave always say? 

I love to hire people with weird brains. 

It doesn't get weirder than thinking you see 10:17 everywhere. The man thinks he only sees 10:17 on the clock and that's someone I want as a 3rd guard next year. You see that's the problem with people and talking about grad transfers. They are typically role players at best. They are to finish a spot on your roster, not be a star. Mintz should be playing 15ish minutes a night, being a secondary ball handler and shoot 38% from three. That's the goal here. That happens, Kentucky is competing for a national title again. 

Quick question though - why the hell wouldn't Mintz wear 10 at Creighton? Feel like that's something that needs to be with this 10:17 thought process.