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It Looks Like Somebody Found A Real Ass Horse In An Englewood Backyard


You just never know what the hell you're going to find in this city. I watched it a few times to kinda see if it was somehow fake, but nope that appears to be a real ass horse in a city backyard. I then did some digging in the replies and saw a picture of what seems to be the same horse being pet by some of the local neighborhood kids.

It just makes you realize that these Joe Exotic types are are all over the damn place. Like there's gotta be some whole ass farm up in Grayslake or something that's loaded with tigers/wild animals, right? I had a buddy who was an EMT that told me he walked up to a house for a wellness check and when he went in he found the guy dead with a fucking ALLIGATOR IN THE BATHTUB. I think I'd shit my pants then high tail it out of there like Carl Lewis to quote my friend DannyBoyCane.

Not sure what the hell is going on with a horse being out in the backyard in Englewood though. Maybe he got a good deal on it once Maywood closed up shop?

If anybody has anymore info please let me know.