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My Biggest Regret Of Media Day – Not Getting The Beatdown I Put on Bob Kravitz On Tape



So after Media Day yesterday I went to grab some lunch before I went on Felger and Mazz. I’m sitting there minding my own business eating a chicken ceaser salad and there is only one other guy sitting down at the tables. Lo and behold it was Bob Fucking Kravitz. Enemy #1 of the State. A high value target. It wasn’t exactly an ideal situation to be interviewing somebody but when you see a terrorist 2 feet away you got to take your shot. So I went up to him and introduced myself and asked if we could interview him. Once he heard Barstool Sports he immiedetly said no. Here is my best recollection of the conversation. Hand to god this is how it went down

Pres: Bob Kravitz right?

Kravitz: Yes.

Pres: My name is Dae Portnoy from Barstool Sports. I know this is an unusual place but can I interview you about Deflategate?

Kravitz: Barstool Sports? No I won’t do it. I saw what you said about me. You said my source was Mike Kensil. That’s wrong.

Pres: Well who is your source then? We can clear it up.

Kravitz: Nope I won’t talk. You said Kensil was my source.

Pres: Well I wouldn’t have to guess if you didn’t leak anonymous sources like a coward. If somebody wants to rat on the Patriots they should have the balls to put their name on it.

Kravitz: But I was right.

Pres: Right about what? That there was an investigation? This is a smear campaign. A sting and you know it. You also said Bob Kraft should fire Belichick. You want to talk about that?

Kravitz: I stand by that. The Patriots have a culture of cheating.

Pres: What the fuck are you talking about? What about the Colts piping in crowd noise? Isn’t that cheating? If the Pats did that there would be an investigation. This is only because the Pats beat the Colts like a drum for the past 20 years.

Kravitz: You have no proof that happened about the crowd noise.

Pres: Besides the fact you could literally hear when they screwed up on TV?

Kravitz: I was in the press box so I can’t confirm that.

Pres: That’s a cowards answer. Also do you really think Spygate was cheating? Everybody said they were doing it. Jimmy Johnson, Cowher, Schottemheimer etc.

Kravitz: I don’t know if that’s true.

Pres: So you think those coaches are liars?

Kravitz: I don’t know.

Pres: Why don’t we have this conversation on tape?

Kravitz: Nope

Pres: You’re a fucking coward.


That’s literally how it went down. And after the first 30 seconds it honestly had nothing to do with Barstool.  I was just a legit pissed off Pats fan.  Dropping F bombs and swearing at some old guy I didn’t even know.  Just laying into him like he was on the rundown.  He pretty much just sat there and took it.    In hindsight I should have just TMZ’d his ass and kept the cameras rolling.  But for some reason I have a problem doing that.  We always ask first even though I think you’re fair game if you’re in public.  Just seems like a scumbag move to tape somebody who says they don’t want to be on camera.   Apparently my heart isn’t black enough for this business.