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Randy The Plumber Analyzing Ridiculous Coronavirus Outfits Puts Any Tony Romo Breakdown To Shame

Meet Randy the Plumber. He's exactly what I picture a guy who socially goes by Randy the Plumber to be like. In fact, we've blogged about him before where he had no time for Nick Saban: 

Good to see he's upgraded that Mississippi State hat to an OH SHIT hat. That's a key wardrobe change here. But today we have Randy the Plumber going full analyst and breaking down ridiculous coronavirus outfits. I'm so glad he started with pool noodle head guy. The image alone of this man wearing pool noddles on his head is deserving a cackle but hearing Randy scream THIS GUY HAS POOL NOODLES STRAPPED TO HIS HEAD in that accent sends it over the top. 

But really this is the gem. I don't want to ruin what he says, but this is the image: 

I need more Randy the Plumber in my life. Need him breaking down just ridiculous shit on the Internet. That said, the man is clearly an ass man. You can tell that during the presentation. Anything bigger than a mouthful is a waste he says. Well, I'm here to say any and all boobs are great. To quote Ronnie from Role Models that I woke you up with yesterday, I like boobies.