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Even Rachel Maddow Is Doing DeflateGate Tests On Her Show Now





The world has officially gone mad. We’ve got lesbian political commentators sending freak ponytailed dudes into bathrooms and trying to deflate footballs. This is why I simply don’t get the people who say we’re overcovering deflategate. It’s the biggest story in the universe. It’s impossible to over cover. There are new leaks every 10 minutes, something stupid said every 5, and every once in a while a political talk show host with a boy’s regular will send her totally weird digital producer to run an experiment.


Oh, and by the way, Rachel. As for the other theories: their couldn’t have been another bag of balls in there because the person placing that big in would be on video, and also those footballs wouldn’t have the referee’s markings on them. Also if 10 people were waiting in there they too would be on video.



PS – I have a sneaky little crush on Maddow. That look is working.