Well Look Who Just Took A Shot At the Crown...Gary Tanguay



Wait I was getting ready to rip Gary Tanguay and then I remembered something. This is a compliment. Of course I’m not a common man anymore you moron. That’s what I started out as decades ago. When I was driving the astrovan on 48 hour paper routes. When I was cleaning shit out of my newsracks to put newspapers in them. (literal shit) When I was out handing out newspapers at 5am everyday at South Station battling it out with the Metro. When I was breaking the Russilo, Rutillo, Rudillo voicemail. I crawled, scratched, kicked, clawed my way to the top cramming tshirts down our readers throats every step of the way. Suffocating people with ads. Throwing Blackout parties from coast to coast hoping kids wouldn’t die. Brick by brick by brick I built this company from the ground up. No help. No mercy. All so I didn’t have to vacation in the Vineyard like a poor person. All so one day I’d be swimming in internet millions and dining with my friend Bill (Belichick) at the Pearl in Nantucket. Common man? No. Emperor of the Common Man? Yes.