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Hockey Sticks Continue To Save Lives As The Perfect Piece Of Social Distancing Equipment

This isn't a "please like my sport" blog or anything but if there were ever a time for hockey to finally get more popular in America, it's right now. Because the world depends on it. If we want to get back to normal as quickly as possible while keeping everybody safe, then we're gonna need to start snapping off some tape-to-tape credit card reader passes. We need to start saucing those bad boys around to make sure the amount of germs we're spreading are as low as Andreas Athanasiou's +/- this season. (He was a -46 before the season was put on pause, btw. Truly horrific). 

It's the biggest difference between the way Canada is handling this virus and the response here in America. We just don't have as many people with twigs laying around to make this work. It's not like you can use a baseball bat because they're not long enough. What are you going to do? Tape a credit card reader to a basketball and bounce pass it through the drive-thru window? I don't think so. 

Hockey sticks are our only hope. Well, actually, we could also use lacrosse d-poles since they're 6 feet long. So hockey and lacrosse sticks are going to save the world. Blogging about those two sports might not result in millions of pageviews every week but I don't see baseball or basketball or football saving the world here. Time for everybody to start showing a little respect for hockey and lax. 

Also--shoutout to Bauer for crushing this response so far. They already transitioned their factories to start making face masks for medical workers and now this. They know it's all about the name on the front of the jersey than the one on the back. MVP for Team Humans right now.