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Kim Jong Un is Looking Like He’s About To Get His Crimes-Against-Humanity Dick Sucked In A Fresh Outfit

Look at this piece of shit/sex pot. My god. Business casual has never looked this casual. All the other military dudes are dressed in their stupid uniforms with their notepads out ready to scribble the words of wisdom from their technically and tactically proficient patriarchal-righted tyrannical leader. Not the Supremely Dear Leader, though. He’s not dressed up. He looks like he’s in the North Korean Viva Barstool Indoors line. He’s ready to slip into something a little more comfortable. Oh wait. He’s already in something a little more comfortable.

If Kim Jong Un wasn’t one of the biggest pieces of shit on earth, you’d have to love the guy. He’s adorable. Nevertheless, I hope he gets killed soon. If he does, he’ll be in a cute outfit which is kinda the dream for a dictator, I guess.