Leon Bridges And John Mayer Teamed Up For A Quarantine Song "Inside Friend" And Oh Baby It's Smooth

I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke or not because Mayer is kind of funny on social media, but I don't care. I like it. It's smooth. These two guys were definitely just bored as fuck like the rest of us and instead of having wine night on zoom for the 4th week in a row they decided to put out a sexy quarantine jam. I am guessing it took them about 15 to 20 minutes to write. Another 30 minutes to record. And then once they called up someone to put it on the internet. Hour, hour and a half of work and I am sitting here like, oooh yeah I like this. Give me more. Who can be my inside friend? Sup, girls. Must be nice to have real talent. 

This time of year is Leon Bridges and John Mayer season for music too. Smooth, cool, the weather isn't nice yet so you;ve got your windows closed when you drive and you're belting out of River to an audience of nobody.