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If Your Dad Didn't Build You A Ski Slope And Chair Lift Out Of Stuff Laying Around The House During Quarantine, He Flat Out Doesn't Love You

Now THAT is how you dad during quarantine. I honestly would have an easier time figuring out how to make clouds create snow like Storm from the X-Men than put together a simple pully system with a ramp. But this dad not only had the handiness but the imagination to make dreams come true and his quarantine infinity times better, even if his kids lost interest skiing on a fake mountain after 10 minutes because their attention span has been murdered by the internet or because the green helmet kid broke her leg because she was instantly turning her skis into a pizza slice on a slope that was 5 feet wide.

But this little project wasn't about making the kids happy. No, no, no. It was about making dad happy. I'm sure those kids had the time of their lives shredding fake pow pow as their backyard turned into the finest slopes a little place called Asssspennnnn has to offer. However, that dad lived for the first time in weeks searching for rope, a wheel, and whatever the fuck else was used to make that mountain. The kids getting out of the house and burning a little bit of energy is nice. But the sweet escape of being cooped up with his family during yet another day of quarantine had to be the best part of it all followed closely by what I imagine was a fake ski lodge just out of frame with booze, a very happy mama bear, and unlimited fun ass music that sounds like the Price Is Right Cliffhanger song that absolutely slaps when you are getting loaded at the bottom of a ski slope, regardless of if its real or fake.