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Wake Up With What Would Happen If The Entire World Lost Oxygen For Five Seconds

I typically end my night doing the exact same thing these days. I scan YouTube searching for old highlights of the Yankees, watch some awesome Roger Federer shots, peek at videos about asteroids, and browse the occasional "what if" demonstrations that randomly pop up on my recommended page. I just got done watching what it'd be like to surf on tsunami. Spoiler alert, you'd die. You'd just have a front row seat to complete chaos before meeting your own demise. I would not recommend. 

I then came across what is the focus of this blog: What would happen if the world lost oxygen for five seconds? Interesting question. Never thought of it myself so I gave this one a click. My initial guess: a ton of trees would die, anyone who was in the middle of a strenuous exercise in need of air would suffocate, and anyone in a plane would be in trouble. 

At the :48 second part of the video the narrator relieves us saying that most of us can go 30 seconds without taking a breath so it would happen too fast for our body to notice. Oh cool, so we're chilling. No reason to watch the rest of the video, but there's two minutes and change left here so let's finish it for curiosity purposes. 

So despite the five seconds being too quick to notice for ourselves let's recap what would happen around the world...

  • Anything made of concrete would just be gone. Donezo. Like they were never built. They'd immediately collapse and turn to dust. Rather unfortunate and troublesome if you ask me. Would seem to be an us problem if you ask me.
  • The O-Zone would allow all of us to get severely sun burnt if we're outside. 
  • Our ears would EXPLODE because it would feel like we were in the ocean and dropped down 2,000 meters below sea level instantly. Remember they said we would NOT notice anything going on. Now our ears are EXPLODING. 
  • Any form of transportation would fail so if you're in a car, boat, airplane, whatever you're just going to crash. I nailed this one.
  • It would immediately turn to night time in the sky. Kind of cool! This ain't so bad. 
  • Oh and for one last surprise before oxygen's 5 second vacation concluded, the Earth's crust would completely crumble until there was nothing left sending us all plummeting into the Earth's core. Super duper. 

But remember, according to Mr. Narrator the five seconds would go by so quickly that we wouldn't notice a thing. Just everything listed above resulting in the immediate destruction of Earth. Let's never take oxygen for granted ever again, shall we? Don't work him too hard so that he never needs to take a break and put his feet up for a second or two. Oxygen has zero vacation days until further notice. 

I'm going to go back to watching happy videos about sports before I go to bed.