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Wake Up With Barry Bonds Hitting A Grand Slam Off Of The Padres/Chargers Scoreboard

Every time I type "Barry Bonds" into Youtube I see the most amazing shit ever. It always ends with a ball going a place where I didn't think balls could go. This time it's the scoreboard at Qualcomm Stadium, the former home of the Padres and San Diego Chargers. Bonds is up with the bases loaded and as you guessed it, he sends one into orbit. This was one of 87 (!!!!) homers that Bonds hit against the Padres in his career, but this one had to be the longest. Obviously this is before Statcast, but I'm willing to bet that's more than 482 feet. It literally bounced off of the scoreboard. The Giants announcers are the best too, what a call. "THIS ONE IS A MONSTER!" you ain'y lying pal. Enjoy your Friday, friends.