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Robert Kraft Just Spit Directly In The NFL's Face And Demanded The League Apologize For DeflateGate






DOMINATION!!!! That was somehow better than Belichick’s speech on Saturday. I got a for real boner watching. Absolutely amazing. Earlier today the NFL asked that anyone involved in DeflateGate please remain silent until they’re ready to reveal all their findings. Well Bob Kraft heard that, walked up to the mic, spit in Goodell’s face and demanded the league apologize. Think about that, he demanded an apology from the NFL. That’s the cockiest thing I have ever heard. He just embarrassed the league in every way short of making Goodell crawl up on stage and lick the bottom of his Air Force Ones.



And Kraft coming out that hard should have everyone entirely convinced that Brady and Belichick are innocent. The New England Patriots are a multi-billion dollar company. The owner isn’t going to stand behind employees so strongly unless they’ve had a closed door meeting and he’s been assured that they’re in the clear. Innocent! Totally fucking innocent!