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It Appears Bill O'Brien Thinks Being A GM Is The Equivalent Of Playing Madden Franchise Mode

To recap the Texans offseason...


DeAndre Hopkins


Brandin Cooks (on his 4th team in 5 years)

David Johnson

2 4th Round Picks

(Side note: they received a 2nd rounder in the Hopkins trade, but traded one in the Brandin Cooks one, so we'll call that a wash. It may be possible that they moved up 10 slots or so)

A live look at DeShaun Watson:

You may be thinking, "Oh! Bill O'Brien is just clearing cap space!"


Here is a look at all of Bill O'Brien's moves:

Maybe Bill is just a mad scientist and I'll be old takes exposed for this blog in February. I know the man knows much more than me about football and building a team, but boy does it seem like he's just playing Madden Franchise Mode knowing that he can just start over whenever he feels like it. 

Update (8:30 PM): At least Bill O'Brien didn't do this:

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