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Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Officially Broken His Silence By Changing His Instagram Photo And Bio And It Appears He Still Plans On Letting His Nuts Drag



Tekashi 6ix9ine has officially broken his silence since being released from prison due to the COVID-19 pandemic by changing his instagram photo and bio and it is now abundantly clear to me that he is gonna continue to "let his nuts drag" on social media. Tekashi may now be the most famous snitch of all-time but I think hand in hand he has the title for most famous troll of all time. When you've been as much as an outrageous obnoxious asshole as he has, he really had no choice but to come out of jail and continue to be an outrageously obnoxious asshole. He's gonna be completely blackballed by the rap game and it doesn't even matter. He's gonna be in undisclosed location on house arrest (probably some ranch in Idaho or some shit) making music and taking selfie videos telling the world of people talking shit about him that they're broke bitches and to suck his dick as he sits on a throne of cash from his streaming money and the new eight figure record deal he signed while in prison.  Who really knows what exactly it's gonna look like but at this point but all we can take from this is it appears Tekashi has no legal stipulations keeping him off social media. If he ever goes instagram live I think he'd break instagram. As much as people despise him he's one of the more polarizing figures we've ever seen and him having gone through this whole situation only makes him that much more captivating. His life would make an amazing movie. 

He's a normal kid from Brooklyn who died his hair, tatted himself up and got picked up by a gang he wasn't really in to promote his music and make him seem gangster for a piece of his money in return. Things get so out of control to the point he finds himself involved shootings, robberies and getting shaken down for money by the gang. Everyone around him tells him to smarten up and stop attacking people on social media and hanging with the wrong people. He never listens. He ends up eventually getting kidnapped by these guys and then later on gets arrested himself, snitches/testifies against all of them and in return ends up out of jail in 1 1/2 years instead of 40 and CONTINUES to act like an ass even when he gets out of jail. the rest of the movie is yet to be written but it seems to me it's about to write itself. Stay Tuned.