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Patriots Locker Room Attendant Has Been Named A "Strong Person Of Interest" In DeflateGate

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(JayGlazer)Breaking news: sources tell @FOXSports the NFL has zeroed in on a locker room attendant w Patriots who allegedly took balls from officials locker room to another area on way to field. Sources say they have interviewed him and additionally have video. Still gauging if any wrong doing occurred with him but he is strong person of interest





What kind of proof is this? A ball boy went to another area on his way to the field? Big fucking deal! He could’ve been going anywhere. Maybe he was taking a piss. Maybe he was putting on another layer of clothing. Maybe he just got lost. There’s so much reasonable doubt here it’s making my head spin. But apparently taking a wrong turn and going into the wrong area with footballs is enough for Fuhrer Goodell to name someone a “strong person of interest” like this is a goddamn murder investigation. Disgusting. Just out of curiosity, what was the exact path that Indy ball boy took after he handled the ball that was way lighter than all the others?




PS – This rogue agent is going to be so rich a week from today. Pretty jelly.