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Damian Lillard Fanboying Over Aaron Judge On IG Made My Day

Couple things to take away from this. Damian Lillard is a good person and I will welcome his opinions moving forward with open arms. You show respect to Jeter and the future captain of the Yankees in 99 and you're A okay in my book. Next, Aaron Judge definitely feels awkward being called the next Jeter and that's natural because he wants to be his own legend. He still managed to answer that question about being the next Jeter in the most Jeter way possible so this might be a destiny he cannot escape once he starts winning rings. And lastly, my life has gotten so low of late that just seeing Aaron Judge just speak on Instagram made me happy. It's the closest I've seen him to playing since October. We need to somehow make this Arizona thing actually happen because I can't take this empty feeling anymore. 

Now let's watch Dave open up boxes until midnight because there's no way he's anywhere close to being done. I think we're getting another live animal tonight. Maybe a lizard. A lizard would be awesome.