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1 Month Anniversary: 

It has been one month since I was plucked from the MyBookie daily gambling show by Dave Portnoy, in a hiring that can best be described as a stunt that my wife is ultimately OK with because she can now stop working. Within that month, I’ve adjusted to Barstool as best I could while blogging, putting out a daily gambling show and doing content like watching a 3-hour NASCAR race with Marty Mush. I’m incredibly likable and talented so things are going well.

Without giving away everything, here are some highlights from my first month at Barstool.

“Did you just try to fuckin’ hug me?”

I’d like it on the record that I did not, in fact, try to hug Portnoy during our first meeting. He initiated the conversation and upon approach he reached out his hand and his shoulders drooped, the universal signal for the bro hug. I thought we were handshake-half hugging. This is on him, not me.


6 Month Anniversary: 

Here’s the scene: It’s a warm, crystal clear day in early April. I’m on my way to Tupelo, Mississippi after picking up a 3-piece catfish dinner at a gas station because that’s what I do every day. I watch my three boys during the day and when my wife gets home from work, I head to Tupelo to do my three jobs.

But this isn’t a normal day. It’s April 10, 2019. Exactly six months ago. That’s when Barstool fans, a MyBookie livestream and Dave Portnoy turned my life upside down.

At 3 p.m., I received a DM on Twitter that surprised me. It was from Dave. And that’s when shit changed forever.


12 Month Anniversary:

Some people are just lucky as shit. Dave Portnoy is one of those people.

One year ago today, Dave fell ass backwards into his best hire at Barstool when stoolies stumbled upon my highly rated show for another company. I was doing what I always do, which is provide electric entertainment for an audience of dozens. 

As you know, my life changed dramatically during that 15-minute stream. I went in a boy and came out a confused boy. 

To be honest, I still have no idea what happened. All I knew was that I was being bombarded with insults from all directions and trust me, growing up with gigantic ears and a punchable face prepared me for bullying of all kinds. So naturally, I was able to shine despite having no fucking clue why there were 1,200 people calling me a squid. The second the stream ended, I leaned back in my chair and just stared into nothingness for about 10 minutes. It was like I'd had my ass kicked in a fight.

Luckily Dave saw it and made the shrewd decision to hire me.


It's a toss up: me personally, I have 1 Month, 12 Month, 6 Month.

Expecting big things from the 13 Month Anniversary blog, but it's the 18 Month Anniversary blog that's gonna bring this to the next fuckin level. 

Congrats BFW.