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Manny Machado Went Nuts and Threw His Bat, Benches Clear Again

Manny Donaldson

Not the best weekend for the Orioles and third baseman Manny Machado.

Lost 2 out of 3 to Oakland at home and the benches emptied twice.

The first incident was Friday night when Manny took offense to a tag by Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson. Machado lost his balance and attempted to throw his helmet at Donaldson.

I thought Manny was out of line on this one, Donaldson did nothing wrong. Watching it live I wasn’t sure what Manny got upset about. Immature showing by Manny on this one.

Flash forward to this afternoon, Manny is at bat and the Athletics are up by 10, two inside pitches later we have our second bench clearing episode in three days. It seemed like Manny knew what he was going to do after the first one, you could see him starring down the pitcher nodding at him. The bat throw had to be intentional. After the game today he insisted that the bat slipped out out his hands and he didn’t mean to throw it. Bullshit bro. Man up say you messed up and take your penalty.

As the eventual  face of the franchise, this stuff can’t keep happening. I hope Buck sits him down and gives him a good talking. I fully expect him to be suspended, maybe somewhere in the 5-7 game range.