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Who Exactly Is Mike Kensil? AKA - The Ringleader of Deflategate




So as the clouds part over Foxboro and it becomes obvious Deflategate was just a witch hunt conducted by sore losers one name has come to the forefront. The ringleader if you will. His name Mike Kensil. Who is that you ask? Well that’s exactly the same question I asked when I first heard his name mentioned to me 2 days ago from a source close to the Pats. They said look this guy up. Well it turns out he is the former President of the Jets. He was there when Belichick turned in his resignation to come to the Pats. He was there during Spygate. His friends will tell you that he obsesses over his hatred of the Patriots. That he swore 1 day he’s get back at Belichick for leaving him the lurch and sending the Jets into a downward spiral of ineptitude and ruining his career.

Yes it is this Mike Kensil who is now Dir. of Football Operations at National Football League who was prowling the Colts sidelines last week. Yes it is this Mike Kensil, the former Jet with a longstanding grudge against the Patriots who was proactively looking for deflated footballs last week. It is the same Mike Kensil who whispered to Bob Kravitz in a dark tunnel of Gillette about deflated footballs. I’ve even heard rumors that he and the Colts equipment manager conspired to actually deflate the one football that came in at 10.5 PSI. The rest were closer to 11.5 PSI. It is this Mike Kensil who called Chris Mortensen to leak the story about Deflategate.

This of course explains why the league never said anything to the Patriots beforehand about deflated footballs. Why the Colts would risk playing the first half at a disadvantage. Because this was never about fair play. This was never about the integrity of the game. This was simply about revenge plain and simple. It was Mike Kensil trying to set a trap and embarrass the Patriots. Unfortunately what Mike Kensil and the rest of the world found out the hard way is that you don’t trap Bill Belichick, Bill Belhick traps you. Now the NFL is sitting with their dick in their hands. Belichick has all the answers and NFL looks like incompetent buffoons once again. And once again the NFL is going to have to take a hard look in the mirror and investigate itself over wrong doing. All because Mike Kensil had a grudge. For shame. For shame.