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Richard Sherman Says The Patriots Won't Get In Trouble As Long As Roger Goodell And Bob Kraft Are Best Friends




I’ll say this, I agree with what Richard Sherman is trying to say here. Goodell being BFF’s with owners and chopping it up at their house the night before an AFC Championship is clearly a huge conflict of interest when he’s the self appointed judge, jury and executioner of the NFL. However, the real reason they won’t get in trouble is because the Patriots are CLEARLY 1000% innocent. Did Sherman not see Professor Belichick’s press conference yesterday? Dude became a scientist in 3 days just to prove the world wrong. He hypothesized that the Patriots did absolutely nothing wrong then got in the lab and proved that theory to be true. No one with a brain doubts that. That’s why they won’t be penalize, not because Kraft took a pic with Goodell. Case closed.



PS – As I said, I do agree with the point Sherman is trying to get across, but picking the team Goodell tried to give the death penalty to isn’t very smart. You can’t really say it’s obvious the Pats won’t be penalized when Rog charged them a billion dollars and a first round draft pick for something everyone admittedly does.