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JJ Watt Wants To Play For The Steelers So Damn Badly

It's over, Houston. 

*Local newscast tonight*

"Uhh Houston we DO have a problem".

JJ Watt is just WAITING to be traded to the Steelers. He's practically trying to speak (or wear) it into existence. 

You don't even have to tell JJ that, TJ. He knows it blows. Being in the endless suckhole that is Bill O'Brien's chin is no way for an all-time NFL player to spend the last few years of his career. 

Honey Badger left to go to Kansas City. Wins a Super Bowl. 

DHop is gone to go play with Kyler and get a thousand balls thrown his way in Kingsbury's offense. 

Now it's time for JJ to come lineup next to Cam Heyward and help wreak even MORE havoc on opposing QBs for the defense who - wait for it - led the NFL in sacks the last two years. 

Just do it Billy O. He doesn't want to be there in anymore. You know it. I know it. The NFL knows it. Let's just make it a clean break and reunite all the Watt brothers happily in Pittsburgh. 


Looks meant to be.