Sami Zayn Shares What It Took To Make Him & Kevin Owens Completely Break Character In The Ring

I know this story isn't exactly groundbreaking headline news, and you may be like, "You're squeezin a whole blog outta that video?!", but it cracked me up, and there's nothing else to blog about these days, so I'm going for it!

Sami Zayn recently did this interview with SportsNet all about WrestleMania 36, and being the Intercontinental Champion, and all of that fun stuff - you can watch the full video HERE - and at one point, he told this HILARIOUS story of some trash talk gone wrong in the ring, and it involves his pal Kevin Owens!

According to Sami, they were in a tag match together, on opposite teams, and after cutting off one of KO's opponent's tags, he looked Kevin right in the face and screamed:

"YOU'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!" which Owens just responded, perplexed: 


…and they both completely broke character and cracked up. I couldn't stop laughing just picturing it. There's nothing better than wrestlers "corpsing" and laughing when they shouldn't to me - it's always just so funny. 

Here's a few classic examples to pass the time…