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My Friend Bill (Belichick) Just Delivered The Greatest Press Conference In the History of Human Civilization

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There is a time in every man’s life when everything he believes in is questioned. Whether it be religion, political affiliation, moral code, ethics etc.  Well Patriots fans just had that moment and passed with flying colors. With the entire world gathering their pitchforks and marching towards Foxboro, Bill Belichick just stepped to the podium and dropped an atomic bomb on all the haters.  Roger Goodell? DEAD.  The Colts?  DEAD.  The Ravens?  DEAD.  Every single person who hates the Patriots?  DEAD.  Belichick walked to the podium and  said yes….I am your leader. I am the guy you think I am. I am the guy you want to go to war with. I am the guy who will stand proud. I am the guy who is a leader of men. I’m the guy who has built the most powerful dynasty since the Roman Empire.  And I ain’t going nowwhere!  Doesn’t matter whether it’s science, football or My Cousin Vinny quotes.   Hey world…if you come at the king you best not miss.

PS – Does Seattle even bother to show up now?  I mean oh my god the Pats are gonna come out flying.  I mean I’m dying for Bill to tell me to kill somebody right now for him.  Just point at the guy and I’ll murder him for you no questions asked.  I can’t even imagine what the players are feeling.

Double PS – I literally cummed myself when somebody asked him about spygate?  “80,000 people could tape the guy on the sidelines.  Lots of teams did it.”  And poof just like that Spygate became a non issue too.