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#Throwback To Zah Having Himself An Absolute TIME In Atlantic City

Fun fact: Barstool Breakfast used to have a vlog. I was watching a few of them the other day and they're outrageous. We literally just filmed ourselves 24/7 then posted it every Saturday morning. I don't even think anyone watched, we just thought it was funny so we kept doing it. You can check them out on our Youtube channel HERE

Anyway, I came across the one I posted below and couldn't stop laughing. Willie, PFT, Kayce, Mush, Balls, Big Ev, BUSTA RHYMES and the star of the show- Zah. Here he is in all his glory:

What a video. Simpler times. God willing things clear up in the next few months and we'll be back at the pool partying. Hang in the there, people. 

PS: This is my favorite screen grab of all time.