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OJ is Conflicted Over the Golf Courses Closing #PrayforOJ

I think we've all been hoping and praying that the nationwide shutdown would bring out the best in ourselves and our fellow man. That the shared sacrifice would appeal to the better angels of our nature and we'd give up things for the greater good in a spirit of positivity and hopefulness. And for that, we need look no further than Orenthal James Simpson. 

I'm disappointed golf courses are being closed. OJ is disappointed golf courses are being closed. But he's not reacting with anger. Which is good. The governor wouldn't like him when he's angry. Instead, he handles it with the grace and understanding we've come to expect from such a good citizen. The Juice knows his civic duty and he's willing to do it. As opposed to taking his frustration out on a waiter who's friends with his ex-wife, for example.

OJ isn't worried about himself, mind you. He's worried about the 80 year olds in his foursome who've had strokes. They need the exercise. Like he says, they can't go out for walks because they don't have dogs. Because apparently as part of the quarantine in Vegas they're cracking down on the elderly who are caught outside unaccompanied by pets or something. And not many guys in his age group have other active, healthy pursuits like stalking, knife-wielding, slicing throats back to the spinal column and evidence hiding. All of which make for good fat-burning as well as cardio. So it's comforting to know we have people like OJ, who care about those who are less fortunate than he. 

Hopefully this ban on golfing will be short lived. Much shorter lived even than Ron Goldman and the mother of OJ's children. Then he can get back to swinging the sticks again in no time. Because anything that keeps OJ happy is not only good for him, in all likelihood it'll save lives.