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The Bulls Have A New Front Office But Still Have The Same Sucky Bullshit Coach (For Now)

Finally a little good news for Chicago Bulls fans. 

The Gar Pax era is coming to a close. Whew. Thank god. 

When the news came down last week on The Woj podcast that the Bulls were looking to rebuild their front office, the first thing that came to mind was, "Oh good, now someone will have the balls to fire this man Jim Boylen". 

It was obvious to everyone paying attention that Boylen was in the running for worst coach in the NBA. Why? Because unlike mad man workaholic taskmaster Tom Thibodeau who actually got his team to win games, Boylen's methods yielded L's... lots of them. And furthered the disconnect between the Bulls and the city of Chicago. 

He was known to have marathon practices, force his players to run wind sprints, and do endless amounts of pushups.

As the Answer eloquently said, "Practice? We talking PRACTICE?"

Hey bro, this isn't the military. 

It's not like the Bulls have a weak roster. Markannan, Wendell Carter, Coby White, Otto Porter, Zach Levine are not scrubs. Not one bit. But this is a team built for the kind of game that Boylen doesn't want to play. 

For some reason, Boylen thought they WERE scrubs. He told Wendell Carter he wasn't able to shoot or pass, despite being damn good at both of those things. In the middle of a game in which Zach LeVine was just absolutely unconscious, he had 40 at the time, Boylen yelled at him to stop shooting. There are countless stories about his toxic leadership style. And as a result of this method, the Bulls were like a sieve at the end of games. No lead was large enough to lose. They were like a leaky canoe in the middle of the Chicago River. And the team, obviously, seemed destined to drown as long as he was around. Wrong coach for the wrong team. 


Boylen’s time as leader of the Bulls was a disaster from the very beginning. In his third game after taking over for Fred Hoiberg, Boylen took his starters out with 21 minutes left to play, leaving them to be DEMOLISHED by the Celtics by a whopping 56 points.

Talk about demoralizing. What kind of point are you trying to make by doing that???

Midseason, things were at a boiling point, and players were essentially planning to stage a coup, which isn't unique during his time as an NBA coach. The same thing happened to him when he was coaching at the college level as well. When he was at Utah, he saw seven players transfer out of the program over a two-year period.

Seven. Players.


So now that the Bulls have come to terms with Nuggets GM Arturas Karnisovas to take the reins, there are reports that Boylen now has "growing concerns about his job security". 

You think??? 

If Karnisovas is worth his salt, you better believe getting Jim Boyle out will be his FIRST priority. He was in the running for GM with the Nets and the Bucks before taking the Nuggets job, who he took from 40 wins the year before he was hired to 54 wins and a Conference Semifinal appearance (where they lost a Game 7 to Portland).    

The Barstool Chicago boys were talking on the radio yesterday about how it's unbelievable that Chicago has become apathetic to the Bulls. The fucking Bulls! Hiring Karnisovas is the first step toward rebuilding the franchise, and I suspect that rebuild will go on without Boylen.

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