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The Plot Thickens: The Reason The NFL Is Remaining Silent Is Because The Refs Never Properly Tested The Footballs In the First Place (According to NFL Ball Boys)



NBC – Among the many people who had contact with the Patriots pigskin used in Sunday’s AFC championship — which were reportedly underinflated — were the ball boys. And one former ball boy (who did not take part in Sunday’s match) told NBC News that his goal was always to prepare the ball to the quarterback’s preference and hope they passed inspection, and that it would have been very difficult to tamper with them afterward. Eric Kester, who was a ball boy for the Chicago Bears in 2003, says he can’t speculate about the controversy dubbed “Deflate-Gate,” but he remembers how the preparation worked — starting with the delivery of factory-fresh balls a few days before a game. Two hours before kickoff, he would bring the balls to the referees’ locker room for inspection. “I recall them having a pressure gauge in the locker room, but most often they just squeezed the balls, turned them over in their hands a few times each, and inspected the laces. I don’t recall them ever rejecting one of our balls,” he said.

And there you have it. The refs don’t use the pressure gauge. They just squeeze the balls, turn them over a few times and inspect the laces. So that may explain why the NFL is in such a pickle here. The Patriots followed the rules just like they always follow the rules. They handed the balls to the refs and the refs said they were good to go. Contrary to what that slimebag Ron Borges said nobody could tell the difference in air pressure.  Nobody tampered with the footballs. They were given the green light. It was only after the Colts made a stink about the footballs that anybody even gave it a second thought.  Sure the balls may have come in under weight, but that isn’t the Patriots fault. We followed the rulebook by the letter of the law. Same exact thing Aaron Rodgers said all QB’s do. So that’s why the NFL hasn’t said anything and may never say anything. We’re clean. They know it. We know it. Everybody knows it. This has nothing to do with air pressure in footballs. This has nothing to do with competitive advantages. Like I said earlier this is just a smear campaign against the winningest franchise in the history of sport. If you can’t beat um…smear em.

And you know what the saddest part about all this is? We’ve already seen this song and dance before. America has already fallen for this same exact thing. This is John Tomase 2.0. Remember when Tomase highjacked Superbowl week with a totally fabricated story about the Patriots taping a Rams walk through practice. That’s all anybody talked about all week leading up to the Pats vs. Giants Superbowl. Turned out Tomase just made the story up out of thin air to get his name in the headlines. A way to distract the Patriots from the job at hand. All because my friend Bill (Belichick) was mean to him at a press conference.  This year it’s the Colts and the Ravens who are butthurt.  Every second that goes by without the NFL saying a peep leads me to believe once again this is just a giant conspiracy designed to distract the Patriots in the most important two weeks of the year. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.