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One Shot Can Define An Entire Career

On the one hand - yeah, no fucking shit. On the other, more important hand that we discussed yesterday, Craig Ehlo's whole career is summed up by getting that shot drained in his eyeball by Michael Jordan. If you say you know something about Craig Ehlo other than this very shot I'm going to assume you're directly related to him. But Ehlo DOMINATED this elimination game, at home, against the greatest of all time. Far and away the second best player on the court this night coming off the bench for 24 points - EIGHT of which came in the last two and a half minutes of this game. So while Jordan was hitting clutch shots, Ehlo was matching him on the other end. Jordan would put the Bulls up by one, Ehlo would strike right back. 30 years later this is insane to think about. I mean one of these guys is Michael fucking Jordan. The other was a career 8.6 ppg guy coming off the bench, throwing his body around with no regard for his own physical safety and draining big dick shots every time he was called upon. He gave the Cavs the lead with three seconds left, 100-99, and that wasn't enough. Jordan wouldn't win his first ring this year but this is the shot that was the start of his larger than life lure in the NBA. Ehlo enjoyed another eight years in the NBA, in fact his most productive years were still ahead of him. But this was, is, and will always be his defining moment. The back of his head serving as the launching pad for the legend of the greatest to ever do it. 

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