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I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories, But I’m 94% Sure The Colts, Ravens And Goodell Framed The Patriots




I know it sounds crazy, but I think I’ve finally wrapped my noodle around this. The answer was sitting in front of my preposterously big nose the entire time. It wasn’t the Patriots who deflated the balls. It wasn’t Bill Belichick. It wasn’t Tom Brady. It wasn’t the boogeyman. So who did it? I’ll tell you who did it.

It was a highly coordinated 3 organization attack designed to embarrass and humiliate and the most storied franchise in sports. The NFL, the Colts and the Ravens all in cahoots for the greatest conspiracy in the history of sports.

But why Pres? What do they have to gain? You just sound like a raging lunatic right now. What proof do you have? Umm the better question is what proof don’t I have?

Let’s start at the beginning.


Day 1 – Colts Beat Writer Bob Kravitz Breaks The Story


coltsbeatwriter kravitzkraft



Let’s start at the top. How did Kravitz get this information?  Why would anybody tell him about this?   The early word on the street was that D’Qwell Jackson noticed something was wrong with the football when he intercepted Brady in the 2nd quarter.    The only problem with this theory is that D’Qwell Jackson said he did no such thing.  So then if D’Qwell Jackson didn’t notice anything how did the Colts manage to complain?  After all he was the only one who touched a football all game for Indy.  Whover told Kravitz about this story and blamed it on Jackson was clearly lying.  Why?  The answer is simple.  To embarrass the Patriots plain and simple.  What better way to do it than to leak a false story to a jealous hack of a sports writer who just had his team obliterated for the 100th straight time in the playoffs at Gilllete.


Day 2 – The Ravens Are Implicated



I got an email from a guy who said he went out to dinner the night before the game with some members of the Colts organization who said the Ravens tipped the Colts off about the deflated footballs and it would be a huge story.  I tweeted Pats beat writer Jeff Howe asking if he heard anything about this.  Fastforward to Day 3.


Day 3 – It’s Confirmed the Ravens Tipped off the Colts Before the Game


Jay Glazer confirms my info about the Ravens .  Why would the Ravens complain about this after the fact?  What did they have to gain?  Could it be that John Harbaugh was still fuming about “illegal formations” and deception?  That Tom Brady told him to read the rulebook?  Was Harbaugh embarrassed that his name was being dragged through the mud as a sore loser? It certainly seems plausible.   It would also explain why the Colts originally said it was D’Qwell Jackson.  They needed a fall guy.  An excuse.  He was the only one to touch the ball so he took the fall when in reality they knew they were going to complain the entire time.


Day Four – Where Is The NFL?

A big question I have is why hasn’t the NFL said anything yet?  Why haven’t they said what the air pressure of the footballs were?  Why won’t they say who complained about the footballs and when? There is nothing the facts could reveal that is worse than what people already think.  So why remain silent?   Surely there must be some info to give out.  Or is it that the NFL is on on this too?  That this is exactly what Roger Goodell wants.  That he hates Bill Belichick and wants to let him roast?  Do you think it’s an accident that the only two coaches missing from this photo are Bill Belichick and Sean Payton?




Day 4 – Belichick and Brady Press Conferences


Both Belichick and Brady give press conferences.  Both of them do what leaders of men do.  They answered every single question head on.   They looked everybody in the eye and said “We don’t know what you’re talking about.  We have no knowledge of anybody deflating footballs.”  If they said they didn’t do it than who are you or I to say any differently?   They’ve never lied before so why would they lie now?   America believes them.  I believe them.






So then that begs the question if we didn’t deflate the footballs than who did?  Who has it out to get the New England Patriots?  The answer should be obvious by now.   The Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.   Clearly the plan all week was to complain about the ball pressure.   If they really thought deflating balls made a difference why wouldn’t you say something sooner? That way the league could say something to the Pats “Like Hey Bill getting complaints about deflated balls make sure they have enough air in them. We’re gonna spot check, blah, blah blah” That way if you think it makes any difference in the outcome you can ensure a level playing field in the most important game of the year.

But rather than do that the Colts risked playing at a disadvantage. Why? The answer is twofold. 1. Deflated balls don’t make a lick of difference and #2 the Colts knew they had no shot beating us anyway. This was their only weapon. Not to win on the field, but to tattle on us after the fact. That’s how pathetic they are. They just did it because that’s what kids who get shoved in lockers do. They can’t stand up to us on the field so they wait till there are tucked safely in their beds in Indy to open their mouths. They hate us cause they ain’t us.

And unfortunately that’s the PC version of this tale.   It appears the NFL can’t confirm anybody on New England’s side tampered with the footballs.  So either the NFL screwed up weighing them from the beginning or the Colts deflated them.    At this point nothing is really off the table.  What is clear is that the Colts never had any intention of winning this football game.  They knew they couldn’t compete with us. This came here for 1 reason and 1 reason only.  To run a smear campaign.  A campaign that started in Baltimore and ended with Bob Kravitz creating a media firestorm based on a lie about D’Qwell Jackson.   And still to this moment we haven’t heard anything from the NFL.   The only thing we know for sure is the Patriots appear to be the only ones telling the truth.