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Whoops! Guy Accidentally Crushes His Face Trying To Make A Home Workout Video

There are a couple of rules when it comes to posting workout content online...One is don't be fit. No one wants to see an in shape person work out. If you post pictures/videos of your good body online you're automatically a douchebag. I'm talking about guys, of course, girls can post whatever they want. The second rule is don't drop the weights on your face. You'd think this one would go without saying, yet here we are. I guess that's what he gets for maxing out his bench in the garage while partially exposing his dick to the camera. 

At least throw on some decent workout clothes you buffoon. Also, why would you post it? Do you want to go viral that bad? Whatever. Like I said before, the only kind of workout content that should be online should be coming from out of shape people. That and people who have gas. 

Best of luck with your face!