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Fantasy Football Peaked With The Fantasy Files Commercials

I would say once or twice a year these commercials pop up on my timeline and I'm reminded of just how phenomenal they truly were. Here is a compilation of all of them:

When these were released I was young and naive enough to actually believe them. I legit thought Laurence Maroney could dive through a car window:

What does that say about me? I may have not been the smartest guy to start out with as well. Whatever. I've never pretended to be a rocket scientist. 

In my defense, Mason Crosby hitting the bell? That's so believable. Marc Bulger hitting the down sign? 

That was believable. 

Not sure why I'm trying to defend my actions from when I was a kid. That may be an issue I have that I should go see a therapist about. Either way, these were elite commercials.