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Decent Life For Achraf Hakimi: Played For Real Madrid At 19, About To Get Paid ... Oh And Dating 'The World's Most Beautiful Actress'

What were you doing from ages 19-21? I'm going to guess being an idiot, skipping college classes and finding ways to get drunk at $10 all you can drink every Thursday at Two Keys. If that wasn't you, I can most certainly guarantee you didn't play a few matches for Real Madrid, play for Dortmund. Not even just that, I'd bet you weren't about to cash in massive contract with Chelsea and Arsenal both targeting you as a transfer. I can 100% guarantee you weren't dating the most beautiful actress in the world. 

That's because we're not Achraf Hakimi, who apparently is living the best life in the world right now. The dude is 21 years old and playing for Dortmund while on loan from Real Madrid. Oh, he's also playing for the Moroccan National Team. But perhaps what really has him making news is dating Hiba Abouk - a 33-year old actress. Now she's called the most beautiful actress in the world, which you could make an argument against or for. But either way, what a life for the dude. 

Some guys, man. Also what a life for soccer players. I'm thinking it's the hair. Chicks love hair apparently. They always have some great hair. Bet he misses getting drunk at college as a 21-year old though.