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Tiger Woods Says His Family Had A Food Fight After Their At-Home Champions Dinner

A couple things. One, that beard + hate combo look on Tiger WORKS. It absolutely works and he should keep the beard going forward even after the quarantine ends. It makes him look distinguished and badass at the same time. Imagine if Tiger grew a beard AND shaved his head? I know we Tier stans don't like to talk about what's going on with his hair but I just wanna say, respectfully of course, that a bald head and a beard would look sensational on Tiger.

The fact of the matter is that SVP was right THREE YEARS AGO 

Look how unprepared Tiger was for that question! He couldn't even get the words out! Clearly no one, and I mean NO ONE, in Tiger's inner circle ever broaches the topic of Tiger's hair with him because that's how you find yourself in the outer circle. But again, just think how awesome he'd look with a big ol beard and a bald head.

Second, that food fight story is further proof that Tiger Woods needs to have cameras on him 24/7/365. I know he's a super duper private guy and would never ever ever allow for cameras to document his everyday life but just imagine the amount of views a Stool Scenes-like show of Tiger Woods would get right now. I wanna see that food fight in its entirety. I wanna see Tiger slip off that green jacket and then start throwing cupcakes at his family members. I wanna see him make coffee in the morning. I wanna see him sleep. Yeah those are creepy things to say but they also happen to be true. You're telling me you wouldn't watch Tiger 24/7/365? Of course you would.