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You Wanna Get Nuts? Let's Get Nuts - Henry Cejudo vs Dominick Cruz Targeted For UFC 250

Nobody really understood why Jose Aldo was awarded a shot at Henry Cejudo's UFC Bantamweight Championship after dropping a second straight loss to Marlon Moraes back in December, but "Triple C" Henry Cejudo wanted it - and he got it. 

Dana White and the UFC matchmakers booked the fight almost immediately with very little pushback, despite plenty of actual contenders for both of Cejudo's championships waiting in the wings. Plenty of fans were upset about this.

At first, Cejudo claimed Aldo won the Moraes fight (it was a split decision loss that propelled him into title contention) and that's why he wanted the former featherweight king. Later on, he just settled on admitting that he wanted a "tune-up" fight, fresh off shoulder surgery. Well, now, Aldo isn't gonna be able to make UFC 250 amidst COVID-19-MANIA, so we're getting the only fight in the bantamweight division that makes less sense than Henry Cejudo (c) vs Jose Aldo... 

Henry Cejudo (c) vs Dominick Cruz

Listen, I get it - somebody like Aljamain Sterling or Petr Yan should definitely be getting this title shot over the dude coming off a loss, outta quasi-retirement...

(I mean, seriously, Cruz has fought 3 times since Cejudo made his UFC debut)

...but everything is fucked right now, and the UFC is sorta just operating like the world is gonna implode before we ever make it outta this, so long-term plans are out the window! Plus, who doesn't love watching Dominick Cruz fight? Dude is funky as fuck with his footwork and ghost-like movements. If he's able to pull off another unthinkable comeback performance like the one he put on against TJ Dillashaw in 2016, it'll truly be the stuff legends are made of - and against "Triple Cringe", no less.

War Cruz!!!